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Speech Analytics – the Secret to GDPR Compliance?

February 21, 2018

GDPR is coming. And it will undoubtedly impact the way you use data across digital environments. None more so than analysing call recordings to improve customer service.


Inevitably this raises the question: can you continue to monitor calls as normal without fear of breach?  The simple answer is ‘no’. Unless your recordings can figure out what data is GDPR sensitive, and what isn’t.


As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, with the onset of GDPR, it’s now even more imperative that any personal data or sensitive information present in recordings is controlled.


And as we’ve also said, as a responsible and forward-looking organisation, you’ll have to show that you’ve implemented “appropriate technical … measures to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with the regulations.”


So, how do you do this and yet continue to monitor calls without breaching GDPR? The solution lies with speech analytics…


Speech analytics solutions being developed by Paytel will help you avoid a data breach


As Paytel securely stores all your recordings in the Cloud, there’s going to be no need for you to download them to listen in and monitor.


Our technology allows you to deploy sophisticated analytics so your staff will no longer have to waste valuable time and resources physically listening to recordings. Instead, they can be converted to text and then automatically analysed for word frequency, duration, trigger phrases, numbers etc.


You’ll be able to select particular words to identify and search rapidly for recordings, even in real time; listen into part of a call centred on a particular search term without having to listen to the entirety of that call; analyse more calls, not just a small sample; and have accurate feedback to readily identify trends and improve customer service.


Linking recordings to particular customers will be impossible as all callers’ numbers will remain anonymous and the data obscured. Only the text version will be available.


Paytel – delivering revolutionary technology to fit legislation for the digital age


These key features will help ensure you don’t fall foul of GDPR. With speech analytics you’ll quickly be able to pinpoint and classify sensitive data by type, and manage and protect data in order to implement successful procedures and processes to ensure GDPR compliance.


Paytel – helping you on your journey to achieving GDPR compliance


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