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August 22, 2018


Functionality, Diversity, Resilience – the Paytel Triangle


This month we thought we’d take the time out to explain the capabilities that make our products what they are: functional, diverse and resilient. We’ll start by looking at the technology that forms the foundations of our product range.


The underpinning technology – delivering complex yet easy-to-use systems.


We own and operate multiple platforms based on Microsoft server products and technologies. Our software is almost exclusively developed in-house using tried and tested Cisco network and Pika telephony components. We know our products inside out and can offer unrivalled levels of support, so much so that our support team can successfully deal with most issues in under an hour.


We use a diverse range of programming tools and languages, including: C++, C#,, JavaScript, .Net Framework, Bootstrap frameworks, SQL, HTML. This means we can offer complex yet easy-to-use products and services, readily deployable and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of our client base. Our products can stand-alone or can complement your existing legacy systems.


A triangle of functionality


In essence our systems and platforms form a “triangle of functionality”. The first vertex of the Paytel triangle is the operational platform, whether SMS or Telephony (IVR). The second vertex is the Database, providing information necessary to run services and to receive records or logs detailing specifics about a service’s function. The third vertex is the Portal, where easy-to-use configuration tools can configure and change the abilities of a service. The Portal can also receive invaluable reports and information concerning the running of a service.


The 3 vertices of the Paytel triangle


1:  Telephony and SMS – built in diversity offers simple to sophisticated


Telephony services


Our telephony services encompass the larger part of what we do. They cover multiple platforms including Payment, Conferencing, Fax, Call Routing, Number Translation, Dialler, Hosted Contact Centre, Voice Recording and Bespoke Services.


Handling thousands of simultaneous calls, each with a myriad of service requirements throughout the range of Tier 1 networks, Paytel’s underlying IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technologies use SIP across multiple resilient Gigabit links. (ISDN legacy is still available if needed.) Resilience, recovery and redundancy is made possible with these multiple Gigabit links feeding multiple Session Border Controllers (SBCs) which in turn feed multiple IVRs sourcing data from multiple SQL-Server database servers.


This comprehensive methodology carries forward for whatever purposes our clients’ telephony is required. Whether payments on the PCI-DSS approved platform, multi-party conferencing, sophisticated bespoke servers or even the simplest number translation services – all calls are treated with the same degree of resilience and protection.


SMS services


Broadcast, premium and interactive services are delivered across a broad range of service types and downstream SMS providers and aggregators. The same underlying database technology is used for all our SMS service types.


In its simplest form, mass SMS Broadcasts to tens or even hundreds of thousands of recipients can be sent at high speed with the full support of delivery and status notifications for each and every message.


A more complex SMS service might be an SMS message board or help desk delivering SMS messages to call centre agents.


More sophisticated SMS services range from those integrated with payment (linked to telephony payment services for responding to or setting up payment requests) to those linked to payment services providing receipts. Essentially, the phone is your client’s secure pathway; the SMS simply provides or displays any additional information you deem necessary.


2: The Portal – functionality at its best


Written in C# and the .Net framework, our sophisticated Portal allows each service type to be fully configured. Services, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke, all benefit from their own detailed configuration and sophisticated reporting pages on the Portal. The friendliness and functionality of the Portal means each service is instinctively easy-to-use.


3: The Database – where resilience is a given


The database forms the ‘heart’ of our systems, securely storing data used by the Portal to configure services on our SMS or telephony platforms.  Data is comprehensively recorded in the Portal to provide invaluable reporting information, helping our clients make informed decisions to shape the way their businesses move forward.


It goes without saying that the databases we use are state of the art and highly resilient. SQL-Server, Everrun clustering, Xen and Centos Hypervisors and, of course, high quality frequent point-in-time backups, all help secure your calls.





In essence, the varied tools, components and the ways in which we approach the design of our systems, ensure that our products deliver the highest levels of availability within the three cornerstones of the Paytel Triangle: Functionality, Diversity and Resilience.


To discover more about our comprehensive suite of products and how they can help positively impact your business, call us now on 0333 202 1555 or email us at



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