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Why You Need to Ditch ‘Pause and Resume’ When Taking Payments

May 23, 2018

Ostriches can’t defy ‘Gravity’, but then why should they?


Are you an ostrich when it comes to call recording? Do you bury your head in the sand rather than face the increasing complexities of it all?



Whatever business you’re in, you’ll be aware of the increasing constraints placed on call recording. Indeed, we’ve already spoken about these in our previous blogs, and you’ll know that in some instances all the calls you make have to be recorded. This is certainly the case in the financial services sector. So how do you approach the myriad of call recording options without falling foul of regulations, particularly if you’re taking credit or debit card payments?


Do you adopt the ‘quick fix’ ostrich, aka ‘head in the sand’ approach, and do just about enough to conform, ‘pausing and resuming’ your recording, so that once a payment is complete the recording resumes to prevent sensitive card details being captured or stored? If you adopt this approach and it works for you, then why should you change anything? Well, it’s not particularly elegant, a bit like that ostrich’s head in the sand, and it can also be quite disruptive to your workflow practices.


‘Pause and Resume’ recording – the pitfalls


You may be offended if you think we’ve classified you as an ostrich. After all, ostriches are fairly adept at getting by; they watch out for predators and they’re quite good at dealing with the occasional hyena. So what’s the problem? After all, you’ve only got your staff to worry about and they’re a trusted bunch, aren’t they, hardly a pack of hyenas? But human behaviour is a bit unpredictable, especially when figures show employees are still responsible for up to 60 per cent of data breaches.


The problem is that even though your system might stop recording when your customer voices their credit or debit card number, you’ll still need to ensure that this information doesn’t enter any part of your call centre environment. But what’s going to stop an unscrupulous agent overhearing and then noting down card numbers? And don’t forget, with ‘pause and resume’ only your recordings will be de-scoped from PCI DSS, not your whole call centre. Your systems and processes will have to meet stacks of other checks and balances in order for your operation to be fully compliant.


What’s the alternative?


You might think the only answer is to save for an expensive recorder, one with all bells ringing and whistles blowing, fully compliant with PCI DSS. But that’s a little on the extravagant side, isn’t it? So maybe you compromise and instead you choose to start dialling via a provider. Well, we think you might be heading for the ostrich and the sand again, since you’ll somehow have to remember to dial via that source each and every time you make a call? So what’s the answer? Fortunately, it’s already on your doorstep and the solution is straightforward, sensible and cost effective. It’s simply to harness CPS and IDA to utilise the power of your network.


‘Gravity’: using IDA and CPS


Using IDA (indirect access) and CPS (carrier preselect) you’ll automatically be able to route all your outgoing calls through our Gravity service. Gravity simply ‘gets in the way’ of every phone call, ensuring each call is recorded and logged. What’s more, our PCI compliant version of Gravity accepts all your customers’ payments, de-scoping your call centre from PCI DSS regulations. Gravity records the calls for regulatory purposes and provides the means to make PCI compliant payments - all in one single product.


Access to the service is by a simple short IDA code or through Carrier Preselect. For IDA your PBX can be reprogrammed; alternatively you can use speed dialling or even manually dial the IDA code. For CPS, simply let us know the phone numbers you want routed through Gravity and we’ll make them available to our network. You shouldn’t have to change your existing line provider and we’ll simply bill you for any calls routed through Gravity.


Additionally, once calls are in our system, they can be tagged to ensure that extra data is collected to identify agents or any other criteria you deem relevant.


Gravity is a fully scalable cloud-hosted service, so there’s no need to save for expensive call recording equipment or budget up front. You’ll only ever pay for what you use. Your operating costs can move in line with your income, allowing your business to grow free from the burden of costly and upfront capital investment.


Like ostriches, we weren’t meant to defy Gravity, so why try!


To discover more about Gravity just call us on 0333 202 1555 for a chat.



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