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How to Close More Field Sales Using Automated Payments

March 14, 2018


We were keeping a secret from you but we didn’t know it; our customers showed us how our services should be used. And we’ll admit, we should have known better…


Then again, this is the way we’ve always worked. We let our customers tell us what to do so that they get what they want. We get to make products that work on the front line, and our customers get results. So we don’t feel that bad about it really.


This is a big deal by the way.


Businesses like Just Eat, Anglian Home Improvements, and other recognisable brands have increased sales, and reduced the time needed to make a sale, by using our products in this way.


Now that we’ve spotted what they’re doing, we think it’s only right to share it with you…


If you have field sales agents, or if your business takes payments off-site – at a customer’s premises for example, then you need to hear this.


No longer will you need to walk away from an appointment hoping. No longer will your sales process be incomplete and a source of customer and salesperson frustration. You will lose less business and make sales quickly if you know this.


It’s an obvious thing really – let your customer pay deposits using your salespeople’s phone at their premises.


It really is that simple…


Our automated telephone payment service – PayTel Assist, allows you to do this, completely securely.


At point of sale, the agent just calls your new phone number for your service, enters the non-sensitive information, such as account number, date of birth, or whatever information you want to take to reconcile the payment. Then they hand the phone to the customer to enter their long card number and security code using the telephone keypad.


We then process the payment securely. Neither your agents nor your business are privy to the secure data, meaning that you are now de-scoped from the PCI regulations, in addition to closing more sales.


You can also verify payments on the spot as you will get email notifications saying the payment was successful, along with all the non-sensitive transaction data. Your customer can also receive a confirmation text too, making them even more comfortable with your new payment method.


This can either replace your current way of working or run alongside it, the choice is yours. We just wish we could have told you about this earlier, but we are telling you now, so please forgive us.


This is also an inexpensive option as our automated services are simple to set up and operate day to day. If this sounds interesting to you, find out more by giving us a call on 0333 202 1555 for an initial conversation. Further product information is also available right here.


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