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Is Your Collections’ Service Making the Most of the Twelve Days of Christmas?

December 13, 2017


Christmas, and it’s that time of year again when you ask yourself: “Is our collection service taking advantage of the surge in credit card payments?”  And if you’re involved in debt collection: “Are we ready to deal with our clients’ New Year debt hangovers?” Then, in both cases: “Are we best placed to fight credit card fraud?”


With UK shoppers predicted to spend 11.8% more online this year than last, and credit card balances continuing to grow by £½ billion each month, a positive answer is the best response. But there’s always room for improvement!


Five gold rings are better than a lonely partridge in a pear tree!


Consider whether you’re going to be stuck with that proverbial partridge, and your profits seasonally compromised due to high collection costs.


You may be employing extra staff and extending your opening hours to cope. If so you may be guilty of not maximising your profits as much as you could be. Simply by offering your customers the flexibility and payment convenience they’re looking for with automated payment lines, or using these in conjunction with live services, can make all the difference.


Indeed, with 94% of adults owning a mobile phone, customers are responding positively to automated convenience and 24/7 payment options. Moreover, as Worldpay have discovered, callers “consider security and privacy to be just as important as speed and convenience.”


Why increase agent count when Paytel’s automated lines can help?


Did you know that agents account for up to 70% of call centre expenditure? Processing payments through our automated services, or using them in combination with our live services, will be dramatically less expensive than solely using live agents.


Furthermore, because our services are cloud-based, you can quickly scale up or down at a moment’s notice to cope with peaks and troughs in demand, in fact, for periods just like Christmas! So it makes sense to get on board now with Paytel to put in place a cost effective and secure solution for Christmas, the new year and beyond.


And when we say ‘beyond’ we’re thinking ahead to GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulations) in force from May 2018.  Take time to read our latest blog and you’ll see how our PCI DSS Level 1 approved payment systems can help you build a culture of security and support you on your journey to becoming GDPR compliant.


Paytel – the cost effective answer


We probably don’t need to remind you of the real value Paytel can introduce to your business, just read our November blog, but at least remember that we price sensibly and we’ll help you implement one of the most cost effective solutions available, quickly and without disruption to enhance and complement your existing CRM systems.


Call us now on 0333 202 1555 or email


We wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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