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Secure Telephone Payments: The Secret Benefits

November 15, 2017


Just as we all aim to improve and secure our own health and well-being, we do our best to improve that of our businesses too. Build a culture of security to benefit and safeguard your business in more ways than one…


No doubt you’ve looked at our web pages and discovered for yourselves that our solutions range from automated IVR, (including hybrid products) to live call solutions with associated management tools and, also from our case studies that our products add real value. However, here are the other benefits that you may not have considered before…


A) Save time, reduce costs


It might come as a surprise, but our years of industry experience and research suggest that people respond better to automated systems than they do to humans. Good news, particularly as increasingly call centres are looking to reduce costs. No longer do you have to consider shifting operations offshore in order to save money through cheaper labour costs, and risk alienating your customers. It’s now possible to maintain and, indeed, improve customer experience by introducing IVR in conjunction with keeping real and trusted, professional local agent support.


B) Much more cost effective


We’ve done some calculations and the cost of taking a payment via our IVR-based payment system is less than a fifth of the cost of taking the same via an agent.


C) Increased agent productivity – increased customer satisfaction


Agents can devote more time to more profitable, complex and customer satisfaction tasks. Did you know that up to 40% of an agent’s valuable time is spent other than on communication with customers? Staff can be freed from repetitive and boring tasks, increasing morale and positively impacting on absences. Happy agents make for happy customers.


D) Validates payments in real time


PayTel eliminates the risk that payments, the details for which might otherwise have been taken manually, will be declined, so there’s no risk of subsequent processing delays.


E) Opportunities for remote working


PayTel ensures that no data is processed through a home or overseas-based network. All that’s required is a telephone and network connection.


F) Flexibility to upscale or downscale according to caller demand


There’s no need for large capital investment, so you don’t have to plan for future business fluctuations with pinpoint accuracy. And because we price sensibly, even if you’re not yet set up, we’ll offer you the chance to do so, or to grow without jeopardising your future plans, or even to re-locate, all with minimum risk.


G) Integrates easily with minimum impact on existing systems


Existing workflow processes don’t have to be altered, nor is any previous capital investment wasted. In short, you can enjoy the best of all worlds.


H) Excellent after-call statistics and real time reporting


You’ll be best placed to make the most of our products and to inform future usage to increase collections and, therefore, your profits.


I) Cloud-based equals competitive edge


You’ll benefit from the continual developments we make in our software. 


J) Reconcile payments automatically


Not only do we save you agent time, our services also collect the information required to reconcile each payment. We can integrate seamlessly with your systems by reporting on every transaction via XML, saving you a lot of hassle and money compared to a manual reconcile.


K) De-scoping your payment processes from the scope of PCI DSS


We’ve probably said enough about this in our previous posts, but suffice to say we’ll take the headache out of compliance!


To find out more please call us on 0333 202 1555, or email 



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