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How to Protect Your Business Against a Data Breach

September 4, 2017


Do you know that right now your business has the potential to commit a data breach?


In fact, it’s not the case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ that breach is likely to occur.


And that from May 2018 that breach will attract a fine, the extent of which might be your worst nightmare?


In under a year’s time in May 2018, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will mean that businesses, both large and small, could face catastrophic fines – fines likely to threaten an organisation’s very survival.


Do you know what you’d do?


Well, don’t even attempt to answer the question, just see what you can do to protect and secure your business from potential breaches and potential ruin. But before we look at what you should be doing, it’s good to face the facts and see just how easy it is to commit a data breach. Remember, it’s likely to be a case of not ‘if’, but ‘when’!


Current business processes make data breaches likely


Breaches occur when your agents take payments. From experience, we’ve listed some of the most common issues businesses face:

  • Agents writing down card details which are then stolen

Whether part of your standard procedures or not, if your agents hear card details there is always the chance that they’ll write them down. Details might be left on a desk, and that means they are available to anyone with access to the office.

  • Agent theft of card details for personal shopping

There is nothing to stop an unscrupulous agent writing down, or accessing card details via other insecure means, and then using these details to buy products on sites like Amazon.

  • Agent theft of card details for sale to a third party

With credit card details worth up to £4 per card on the black market, data theft could provide a rogue agent with a very lucrative pay-day. The temptation of a ‘quick buck’ is often hard to resist.

  • Call recording being hacked

This is a commonly misunderstood area. If you take payments over the phone, stopping and starting recording is actually not compliant if an agent is being told card details, due to the potential issues mentioned above. What’s more, DTMF tones need to be suppressed if your customers enter sensitive data using their telephone keypads.


How can you protect your business?


Deal with poor security, storage and operations management issues now


Well, we can’t help you safeguard against rogue agents, but what we can do is make it impossible for them to access sensitive card data. This is because our payment solutions suppress DTMF tones, allowing your call recording equipment to remain live throughout each and every call. Neither the agent nor your call recording equipment has access to your customers’ data. No sensitive card data is ever stored on your systems.


So don’t let your guard down with poor internet security. Don’t leave yourself open to fines as much as £400,000 as Talk Talk did in 2016 after losing the data of nearly 157,000 of its customers.


Sensitive customer card data should never be stored on your systems.


From senior management down to agents, it is vital for every business to put watertight processes in place to prevent data breach at any level.


Security, staff training, operational processes and company culture all play a critical part in keeping your business safe from breach.




The PayTel solution


The issues outlined need to be dealt with before any card transaction even begins. You can achieve this by simply preventing sensitive card data from entering your business in the first place – a critical step every management team needs to take in order to safeguard the future of its business.


All of Paytel Solutions’ PCI compliant telephone payment services, ‘sit above’ your contact centre and process payments directly to your Payment Service Provider; no data ever enters your operation. Your agents, your call recording system and your entire operation are taken out of the scope of PCI regulations; they are simply bypassed when a customers’ sensitive card data is processed.


For a long time, obtaining PCI compliance has been out of reach for many businesses. That is no longer the case.  Paytel Solutions’ years of industry expertise and success in providing affordable and workable PCI compliant payment products, means that our solutions have matured and their production costs decreased, so that we can open the compliance gateway for your business, whatever its size, now.


To find out how we can design the perfect, cost effective solution for you, just call us on 0333 202 1555 or email



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