IPBX Phone System

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the PCI Compliant Hosted iPBX Phone System from PayTel Solutions, is truly your PCI survival kit in this security driven world of technical conundrum.

The best of each of our core services have come together to form this delectable, juggernaut of a solution, destined to change your whole business for the better. Take your pick from a range of features to create your own masterpiece of a service that will become the foundation of your communication with your customers.

With the phone system as standard, you have the option to add SMS, Call Conferencing, PCI Compliant Automated Telephone Payments, PCI Compliant Live Agent Payments, Connectivity, Inbound Multi-level IVR and more to design the epicentre of your business communication system.

Giving your contact centre manager the power to truly excel, they will have the opportunity to revolutionise team performance across the board. The abundance of services will help you secure more sales, deal with customer service queries more effectively and reconcile payments like never before.

Upgrade your phone system and tackle PCI compliancy at the same time, leave us to do all the hard work because you don’t have to. Accredited to PCI Level 1 standards, we shield you from the pain of adhering to these vast and overwhelming set of conditions. Focus on what you do best – running your business, let us upgrade your entire operation with ease.

Call us today for an initial conversation, it might just be the best investment you make this year!


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