PayTel Business Assist 

PayTel Business Assist is an automated payment line that allows your remote sales agents to take payments from customers anywhere in the world, in a PCI compliant manner.

Created to solve a growing problem, PayTel Business Assist can help de-scope you from the PCI regulations entirely. Take payments from any location, with the customer present or not, knowing that both your business and your customers data is protected.

PayTel Business Assist turns the traditional design of an automated payment service on its head by allowing you to close new business on the spot, regardless of the location. Whether you conduct business at a clients’ premises, at a hotel or even on holiday, PayTel Business Assist will be with you wherever you go.

  • Close a deal in the usual way

  • PayTel Business Assist then takes over to take that initial payment and harness that all important customer commitment:


  1. Your dedicated number is dialled by the agent, who is taken through a series of automated prompts

  2. The process confirms the payment amount and ensures that it can be reconciled against the correct customer

  3. The customer is then given the phone to enter their sensitive card data

  4. The call ends following acceptance of the payment

Once all the relevant details are collected using the telephone keypad, we process the payment directly with your merchant bank or payment service provider. The agent then receives quick-fire confirmation that the payment has been accepted or declined. A report is then emailed to you with the payment details, the customer can also be sent this report and receive confirmation via SMS.

PayTel Business Assist offers an end-to-end process, helping you close more business, protects your customer’s sensitive card information and protects your business against data breaches. Complete your PCI compliance journey now; wherever you go, whatever your business, PayTel Business Assist is the payments partner you have been searching for.

Phone: 0333 202 1555
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