A comprehensive range of fully PCI DSS compliant telephone payment solutions

Real time statistics detailing throughput (calculated from the first transaction made in January 2010)
via Paytel’s secure processing systems



About Us
Paytel Solutions designs, develops and deploys a complete range of fully hosted and fully compliant PCI DSS telephone payment solutions. With security and ease of use at the forefront of our designs, our IVR and live call  solutions are built to improve payment efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.

Paytel Solutions could significantly reduce the costs involved with becoming PCI DSS compliant

Our Customers


Your customers can rest assured knowing that their payments to you are secure

All of Paytel’s solutions fully-integrate with existing CRMs and Payment Service Providers (PSP). Our fully hosted solutions enable contact centre agents to take phone payments regardless of location and they do not see, hear or speak any card data. Our PCI DSS Level 1 accredited platforms mean your customers can rest assured that their payments to you are secure.

Our call solutions are built to improve contact centre efficiencies and enhance customer experiences

PCI DSS Compliance
Paytel Solutions provides a cost-effective way to meet PCI DSS compliance, whilst also reducing or eliminating the costs involved with PCI audit support. Through improved average agent handling time and enhanced customer service, your contact centre could become significantly more efficient.

Payment Services Providers we’ve integrated with


We have the ability to integrate with any PSP not listed here